Wedding Photograhpy with the skills of a portrait photographer!

What we offer:

We want you to have the most amazing wedding experience possible especially when it comes to the photography. We will capture the romance, fun and feel of your wedding without fuss. We understand this day is all about you! During the set shoots, we use all our skills and experience as portrait photographers to pose and arrange everyone so each shoot look natural and beautiful!

Flexible and tailor made packages

We charge by the hour and so you can have us for a few hours or up to the whole day including bride and groom prep. One or two photographers and, if you so desire, we will not leave until you do. We also have set packages (packages and pricing). It is up to you to decide.

Unobtrusive photographers

On the day we will work with you and be as unobtrusive as possible. We are there to record event so you will always have fond memories. We only take charge when it is appropriate and necessary. We are decisive, but not bossy.

A classic and creative look

We will work with your schedule, if you give us 20 minutes for the bride and groom shots, we will give you a set of classic wedding photographs that capture the chemistry and love between you. But, if you give us more time we can produce something more creative that will make your wedding photographs stand out from the crowd and be the envy of your friends! We will also our knowledge and understanding of lighting to add extra pazza to your portfolio.

A mutual consultation, friendship and trust

We will sit down with you (ideally a couple of times) before your wedding day to discuss the details and your wishes. One of the sessions may involve a pre-wedding shoot where we will teach you how to pose and look your best.

Through this process we hope to be more of a friend than someone you have hired. We will be photographers you will feel comfortable around and people you know are looking after you.

Refer your friends discount

If you refer your friends and they put down a deposit then we will either discount your wedding or give you extra time (contact us for more details).

Our duty of care on the wedding day

To ensure we have produce stunning photographs of you and your day, we will endeavour to look after you during the day with bottles of water and a snack to tie you over until wedding meal.

We will comply to your wishes. If you need a break or space during the photographs we will give you that. If you want something extra shots then we will see what we can do.

Our duty of care after the wedding

We aim to provide you with the digital versions of your photographs within two weeks of the wedding via a shared online drive. From there, you can download them at your leisure.

We can produce an album and/or beautifully framed photographs for you. We even have special paper (that has to been seen to be believed) to print your photographs on.

We even back-up your photographs for five years at no extra charge.