Pre-Wedding shoots - we want you to look amazing!

Most people have never been photographed by a professional photographer. This is an ideal introduction and will make a world of difference on your wedding day! The shoot is often held at same venue where you want photographs to be taken on your wedding day.

A number of people have said to us, "I hate having my photo taken!". After the wedding the feedback was, "I really enjoyed the couple shoot and actually found it fun!". Half of this dramatic change is due to the pre-wedding shoot and the other is we support you through whole couple shoot experience.

A pre-wedding shoot will:

• build your confidence as we will show you how to pose and go through a number of poses with you.

• give you an idea of how it will feel on the day, but without the pressures.

• give everyone an opportunity to build a rapport.

• give us an idea of what works best for you and what you are both comfortable with.

• give both parties an opportunity to throw ideas around and we can see what comes out without any risk.

• give you an opportunity to review the photographs at your leisure. You can then decide what poses and settings you like the best for your wedding day. You can see how pre-wedding shoot photographs translate to the day by viewing the images in the carousel.

• lasts between an hour and ninety minutes.

Couples have found this to be an invaluable experience and excellent preparation for their wedding day. Some have even enjoyed it!

Some of photographs could be framed and given as presents to your parents at the wedding reception. They are also an excellent reminder of your time as an engaged couple.

Pre-wedding shoots are part of the wedding package

There is no extra charge for pre-wedding shoots for all couples who have booked a wedding with us and live within a reasonable traveling distance. They are very relaxed affairs.

You will receive a small and watermarked proof version of each photo. If you want any of them you can purchase them individually (up to £20 each depending on quantity).

Photographs for your wedding day

Photos from your pre-wedding shoot can be excellent material for your wedding. For examples, you could have a photo framed for your guests to leave special messages on a frame for your wedding reception or in the foyer of the church as they arrive. Or, you could create a photographic display or a slideshow to personalise your venue. How about creating a photo album from them? Look at the box to the right for details. Talk to us about your ideas and we will endeavour to make them happen.

Turn it into a full blown shoot

You can go one step further and have a full blown shoot. All the above will be covered and go the extra mile with every photograph lit and framed to make each one look stunning. (see the last four photographs in the carousel). You will need to purchase at least three photographs.